Equine/Bovine Services Offered

Protect your investment in your horses and bulls

You have a lot of time, love and money invested in your animals so why not give them the best care possible.  Our experts use a wide array of modalities allowing for a customized experience for each and every client.  We've helped performance, ranch and breeding animals recover from injury faster, stay competitive longer and get top dollar on resale.

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Human Services

Holistic. High-tech. Hands-On.

The last place you want to be is on the sidelines. Whether you’re a professional athlete, a fitness enthusiast, a weekend warrior or even a busy grandparent, we can get you back in the game fast.

No two clients are exactly alike, so our experts use a variety of proven therapies to customize a specific plan of action. Our goal is to get your problem under control, accelerate your recovery, and ensure peak performance as quickly as possible.


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Optimum Performance

Advanced Pain Therapy, Injury Recovery, & Conditioning.

We serve the professional athlete, whether it be human, equine or bovine! Protect your investment with our professional, non-invasive therapies for healing, prevention and ongoing conditioning. Make an appointment with PROformance Advantage when your top priority is getting things done correctly and quickly.

Let PROformance Advantage bring the healing to you! Our advanced equipment is highly portable, and our training and stretching programs can be done at your facility.

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Welcome to PROformance Advantage

We offer the following services for humans:
  • Laser
  • Equiscope
  • Computer tracking

We offer the following services for animals:

  •  Osteopathy
  • Laser
  • Electro Equiscope
  • Computer tracking
  • Massage
  • Game Ready System
We're located in Lockhart, Texas. Our facility includes grass turnouts, a round pen and free flow walker.
I will  travel to provide services. I have worked in over 20 states nationwide, United Arab Emirates and Canada.

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