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Jamie Stone started Lasting Legacy Equine in 2012 with an Electro Equiscope and a plan to rehabilitate crippled barrel horses. Since then the word of mouth and business plan has evolved into so much more. In 2017 we changed the name to PROformance Advantage. We have found th the Electro Equiscope has so many other uses, whether it is for human use, dog, cattle, professional athletes, horses or pigs. You name it the uses are endless.


Since her start with the Electro Equiscope she has pursued her education in Equine Osteopathy. The uses for this alternative therapy are endless. From working with the bones to the organs to cranial sacral. If all the equine therapy isn't enough she spends her free time as the Vice President of the equine division of Thorp Institute of Integrated Medicine. She is also a private trainer for anybody that purchases an Electro Equiscope.

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