“Jamie does a great job on all of my horses, their reactions are immediate and the effects are lasting. Her work has helped all of my horses run more freely and use their bodies correctly. One of the biggest differences jamie has made is in my good horse Gray, he used to be mean and try to bite you when you walked past him, he hated everyone and everything, after Jamie worked on him he’s truly a different animal. He is friendly and nice to be around now, she helped his vision, worked on his organs etc..I was skeptical at first, but when she changed that horse I turned into a firm believer.”      Bubba Buckaloo



“We purchased the Electro Equiscope for our horses in September 2017.  We have earned over $1 million in the past four months with just two of our horses, “ItsinthePost” and “River Boyne”.  Both horses are undefeated in 2018.“  ~Jeff Mullins Thoroughbred Horse Trainer


“I’m faster and better than ever!” ~Brandon Oliver, San Diego Chargers NFL



“After my ACL injury, I was game ready in half the time.” ~Darren Sproles, Philadelphia Eagles NFL


”Riding like a kid again, rode 2, won 2!” ~Gary Stevens, Hall of Fame Jockey


“In 2018 I was first introduced to the Electro Equiscope.  I have used it on myself and my horses. It’s a magical machine!“   ~Ali Nilforushan 3 time Olympian in Grand Prix Show Jumping