Holistic. High-tech. Hands-on.

No two clients are exactly alike, so our experts use a variety of proven therapies to customize a specific plan of action. Our goal is to get your problem under control, accelerate your recovery, and ensure peak performance as quickly as possible.

You can expect relief in as little as three sessions.

Decreased pain, increased flexibility and often an improved sense of well-being are the benefits of our select variety of advanced therapies, including Equiscope®. Improvement can frequently be attained within three sessions. Chronic conditions may require additional sessions.


Pain & Healing Therapies

PROformance Advantage Healing therapies are designed to help everyone:

  • Recover faster from surgery, injury, or trauma
  • Reduce pain medications
  • When other therapies don’t succeed
  • An alternative to surgery

*Contraindications include pregnancy and demand pacemaker.

 Equiscope© Microcurrent Healing

The most effective therapy we use at PROformance Advantage to alleviate pain, accelerate healing, and increase flexibility is the Electro Equiscope®.  With attachments touching the affected area, the Equiscope’s restorative, focused microcurrent auto-corrects abnormal electrical patterns in nerves and connective tissues — speeding recovery by increasing circulation, decreasing inflammation and relieving pain.

Computer Movement Tracking

Photo and video analysis of your range of motion, gait, symmetry and more. This program not only allows us to more accurately see where issues are so we can help with recovery but also get ahead of the game to prevent injuries. We also use it to track the progress being made.