Pain & Healing Therapies

  • Electro Equiscope© Microcurrent Healing

    The most effective therapy we use at PROformance Advantage to alleviate pain, accelerate healing, and increase flexibility is the Electro Equiscope®.  With attachments touching the affected area, the Equiscope’s restorative, focused microcurrent auto-corrects abnormal electrical patterns in nerves and connective tissues — speeding recovery by increasing circulation, decreasing inflammation and relieving pain.
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  • Cold Laser Therapy

    Cold lasers are ideal for healing soft-tissue injuries and managing pain in your performance animals. When applied properly, lasers have been shown to cut healing time down by as much as half compared to many traditional wound treatment and lay-up options, while increasing the quality of repaired tissue at the same time. FDA-cleared for effective results, this portable, super-pulsed laser can be used to:

    • Speed healing of bruises, hematomas and cuts
    • Reduce mental and physical stress
    • Treat cold sores, ulcers and other persistent non-healing wounds
    • Manage trauma caused by bone chips
    • Manage hoof conditions, including abscesses, bone spurs, inflammation, navicular syndrome, ringbone and laminitis
    • Reduce inflammatory conditions, such as acute or chronic otitis (ear problems), anal gland inflammation, periodontitis (gingivitis, hot spots, lick granulomas), idiopathic cystitis (bladder inflammation), sinusitis and rhinitis (nasal problems)
  • Game Ready System

    Game Ready Equine speeds recovery and helps your horse perform at his peak, delivering dry cold and active compression. This modality is great for chronic and acute lameness, cellulitis, tendonitis, pre and post operative care, bowed tendons, stock-up legs, wind puffs and much more.


Preventive Therapies

  • Computer Movement Tracking

Video analysis of your animal’s gait at different speeds measures tread asymmetry, flexibility and range of motion in order to fix errors before they result in serious injury.


  • Equine Tissue Adjustment

    Efficient movement is mandatory for overall equine health, in athletic competition all the way through retirement. Investing in proper maintenance through regularly scheduled tissue adjustments and stretching is inexpensive compared to the cost of having your horse on the sidelines for an extended period of time. Massage is a great, non-invasive way to keep your animal athletes feeling good and injury-free. We offer a variety of therapeutic, sports, and senior massages to:

    • Improve circulation
    • Reduce muscle spasm
    • Restore range of motion
    • Relieve soreness
    • Release endorphins
    • Increase lymph movement
    • Speed up metabolism
    • Improve structural imbalances
    • Decrease muscle atrophy
    • Decrease heart and respiratory rates
    • Improve balance and coordination
    • Lengthen stride
    • Improve digestion, assimilation and elimination
  • Shoofly Misting System


Performance Conditioning

Optimum Performance:

Our custom conditioning programs can help your animals prepare for the rigors of performance without overtraining. Using a custom-designed combination of training techniques, as well as the possibility of additional conditioning methods such as: movement tracking analysis, stretching, massage, and the strategic application of Equiscope therapy, your horses can improve their performance as well as get up to peak fitness.

Optimum Resale:

We have conditioning programs in place to assist in sale fitting of your horses.